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The Poker Million

One well-liked faith is that a game resembling poker was foremost discovered by the Chinese a bit ahead of 969 A.D, at what time The Emperor Mu-tsung is accounted to have played "domino cards" amid his spouse resting on New Year’s Eve.

Egyptians during the 12th & 13th centuries are recognized to have utilized a variety of playing cards, as well as during 16th century Persia “Ganjifa” otherwise “Treasure Cards” were employed pro a assortment of card gambling games. A Ganjifa deck comprised of 96 complicated cards, frequently prepared of paper slim pieces of ivory or else costly timber. The Persians partaken “As Nas” which exploited 25 cards, trips of gambling as well as hierarchical hand rankings.

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Poque, Pochen N Primero
A French pastime called “Poque” plus a German game called “Pochen” befallen extremely admired during the 17 & 18th centuries, mutually urbanized starting the 16th century Spanish game known as “Primero” which drawn in three cards being given to every participant.

Bluffing, otherwise gambling high stakes even as having poor poker cards to mislead rivals was a vital division of the game. Primero is frequently considered like “poker’s mother” since it is the primary established account of a game straight connected to current day poker.

French colonials traded in the game in the direction of the fresh world while they landed in Canada.

During 1834, Jonathan H. Green completed one among the original printed allusions to poker at what time within his script he states policy to the "cheating game," being performed on Mississippi riverboats. Green obtained in excess of a fleeting notice in the latest game and acquired it ahead of himself to officially name plus article the 'Cheating Game' within his book 'An publicity of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling': Poker was originated.

In the Wild West era of United States olden times, an inn by a Poker table could be located in immediately around all townships commencing shore to shore. It was tremendously trendy for the duration of the Civil War while the armed forces of both militias played. European power of poker ruined at what time the joker was initiated like a wild card during 1875.

Within very soon greater than two centuries, poker has by no means turned back. Seeing as its meek opening lying on the banks of the Mississippi, the status of this broadly played game has full-fledged into hurdles and bounces to progress frequent deviations as well as sub-deviations.


  • 5 Card Draw climbed commencing next of kin darkness for the period of the American Civil War to the mainly trendy game for about a century. Nevada considered it a crime to perform a betting game. Though the Attorney General of California stated that draw poker was bottomed upon talent so the anti-betting rules could not end it. This reasoned Nevada to overturn itself during 1931 moreover sanctions casino betting.
  • 7 Card Stud afterward captured the throne soon earlier than WWII and uphold its location in favor of about 40 years through the aid of the fresh as well as flourishing Las Vegas casino business.
  • Texas Hold’em, baptized the ‘cadillac of poker’ climbed in the direction of fame during the 1970's at what time it was treated like the title game during the World Series of Poker.
  • Further deviations like Omaha, Stud Poker, Manila, Draw Poker and Razz are as well admired; however nothing can struggle through the excitement of No Limit Texas Hold’em.

Poker Million Winners


Jamie Gold $12,065,976
He is one among the leading stars within the world of poker. His prize money subsequent to his WSOP challenge - wherein he obtained the pot during the 2006 tournament - summed in excess of twelve million, fetching him nationwide praise like the principal poker winner history.

Jerry Yang $8,260,000
His entire outlay in that occasion was $225.

Joe Hachem $7,940,220
Joseph Hachem overpowered 5618 participants, counting the second place finisher Steve Dannenmann, to succeed the major event next to the 2005 World Series of Poker. His triumph paid him a record breach of $7.5 million dollars.

Allen Cunningham $6,672,828
Allen has captured five WSOP gold bracelets – in favor of Seven-Card Stud during 2001, Deuce-to-Seven Lowball during 2002, No-Limit Hold’em during 2005, an additional No-Limit Hold’em challenge during 2006 moreover in a Pot Limit Hold'em during 2007.

Paul Wasicka $6,189,976
Paul initiated playing poker around three years before and has previously achieved six instances by the side of major poker tournaments, counting 14th place during a preceding No-Limit Hold'em occasion conducted by the side of this year’s World Series.


Phil Hellmuth Jr $8,657,976
He succeeded the major occasion the subsequent year, the youngest participant within times past to perform so – next to age 24. He is in addition one among the three participants in olden times to succeed three gold bracelets in a solo year.

Gregory P. "Fossilman" Raymer$5,897,634
Greg rocketed in the direction of poker praise at what time he beaten 2,575 further participants to obtain first place in the 2004 World Series of Poker main event, and $5,000,000 for his effort. Raymer paid only $160 to enter an online tournament which he won, securing his seat in the main event.

Poker Millions

The Poker Million is a major European poker tournament founded during 2000 on the Isle of Man. It is currently supported by Ladbrokes and conducted yearly in England and broadcasted live on Sky Sports. Supported experts fight in opposition to eligible candidates commencing Ladbrokes online poker site.

The foremost Poker Million happened in the Hilton Hotel on the Isle of Man during November 2000. It was succeeded by John Duthie, a 42 year old TV executive commencing London. Thirty million spectators global observed the primary Poker Million final.

Poker Million II revisited during 2003. Snooker-participant Jimmy White succeeded the $150,000 initial prize. The concluding was played beneath the Texas hold 'em system as well as transmit live on Sky Sports 1.

Seventy-two proficient’s played the 2004 Poker Million III, opposing pro the $300,000 opening prize. The tournament included snookers stars Stephen Hendry, Mark Williams along with 2003 conqueror Jimmy White, rugby World Cup star Mike Tindall moreover sports superstar Tony Cascarino along with Phil Taylor. Partly of the 2004 participants had competent online by way of Ladbrokes Poker, blotting the growth of the online competent.

$855,000 was supplemented in the prize pool through Ladbrokes in favor of the Poker Million IV, and there was a definite initial award of $1,000,000. Sixty-six of the finalists got through online. Tony Jones who began the twilight like an 8/1 outsider later defeated TV superstar Helen Chamberlain.

Rajesh Modha commenced playing poker around 18 months before building a unassuming earnings playing low stakes MTTs on top of Ladbrokes. Afterward he penetrated a $9 Poker Million satellite, succeeded from first to last to the broadcasted heats and developed in the direction of the final where he defeated preferred Mel Judah prior to receiving the $1.2m initial prize.

For the duration of his long-lasting poker profession, Beevers turned out to be one among the forges of poker on TV by means of emerging in each sequence of Late nighttime Poker, somewhere he completed a record 3 impressive championship. Beevers in addition succeeded the 2007 Poker Million furthermore completed second best in two supplementary broadcasted poker proceedings.

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